Copyright Law and Fair Use Policy

Tips for Growing your Tech Skills #11

Copyright Law and Fair Use Policy

The SC Tech Assessment and ePortfolio Assessment include questions regarding fair use of copyrighted materials. You will see one or more questions regarding copyright on the assessment you take. It is a good idea to look over the Copyright and Fair Use Policy before taking the assessment.
The best (and simplest) guidelines I have found are from Technology & Learning Magazine. This chart (which will print in two sheets and can then be pasted together) covers most of the questions educators have about the use of copyrighted materials.

The site is:

While you visit the website, subscribe to Technology & Learning Magazine, a free magazine that will help keep you up to date with the trends of educational technology.

Netiquette: a set of correct behaviors for use in communicating over the World Wide Web. (Internet to those of you stuck in the early 2000’s) For example, WRITING IN ALL CAPS is considered shouting and rude. Do not shout or be rude unless you mean to. The Boston Public Library has a simple beginning Netiquette guide at

“There is practically no chance (that) communication space satellites will be used to provide better telephone, telegraph, television or radio service inside the US.”
FCC Commissioner T. Craven in 1961.
(The first communication satellite went into service in 1965.)

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