Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction provides information on School Improvement Councils, Parent Resources, Exceptional Children, Career Facilitation, and other School Resources.  Additional information includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Gifted and Talented, and Pre-K.

Summer Activities
Career Planning
Curriculum Resources
State and Federal Resources
Instructional Technology Resources
Teacher Resources
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Professional Learning
Contact Information

Dena Dunlap

Chief Instructional Officer


Leslie Jacobs

Admin Support


Amanda Kee

Data Analysis

Special Events


Dr. Tammy Graham

Executive Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Instruction


Dr. Shemmicca Moore

Executive Director of Secondary Instruction


Jeanie Ligon

Executive Director of Special Services

Special Services page


Dr. Alisha Green

District Literacy Program Director

Wendy Shuler

District Elementary Math Program Director

Timothy Bennett

Secondary Math/STEM Coach


Sharon Yarbrough

District Instructional Technology Coordinator

Mirela Hanks

District ESOL Teacher


Abby Brunson

Career Development Facilitator - Great Falls & Lewisville

Shelly Copeland

Career Development Facilitator - Chester


Jennifer Rosborough

Susan Lalli

District GT Teachers

Dual Enrollment