Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction provides information on School Improvement Councils, Parent Resources, Exceptional Children, Career Facilitation, and other School Resources.  Additional information includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Gifted and Talented, and Pre-K.

Event Calendar (2017-2018)

Times/Locations for End of Year Events

PD and District Meetings (2017-2018)

Testing Calendar (2017-2018)

Testing Schedule (March - May 2018)

College Advisor Corps Report

Summer Professional Development

Career Facilitation

Early Childhood & Elementary Websites

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Gifted and Talented


Pre-K (CDEP) Information

SC School Improvement Councils

Study Island

Teacher Resources

University of South Carolina Online Graduate Degree Programs
  • Online Master of Education in Administration
  • Online Master of Education in Teaching
  • CCSD Grading Policy
  • Instructional Technology Supplemental Resources

    Edivation Resources
    Getting Started with Edivation 
    Essentials Guide for New Clients          
    Conditions for Successful Implementation 
    M4 Framework Handout  
    Hardware and Software Requirements
    Something's Wrong - Contact Us

    ELA Resources
    Close Reading Resources
    ELA Resources (Elementary/Middle/High)
    Strategies for Teaching ELA (High School)
    English I Blueprint
    English I Standards

    ELL and World Language Resources
    ELL and World Languages Resources
    SC 2013 Standard for World Language Proficiency
    Teacher Certification Standards Training Instruction

    Math Resources
    Math Resources (Elem./Middle/High) 
    Strategies and Tools for Teaching Mathematics (High)
    Algebra I
    Foundations in Algebra Standards
    Intermediate Algebra Standards
    Algebra I Standards


    Related Arts Resources
    Related Arts Resources


    Science Resources
    Science Resources
  • 8th Grade Social Studies Support Document
    SC Council for Social Studies
    Economics Support Document
    History Engine
    Making of the Modern World
    Poster Analysis
    Teaching American History Grant
    US History & Constitution CP Pacing Guide
    US History Resources and Pacing Documents
    US History Support Document
    US History Writing Prompts
    World Geography
    Social Studies/History Web Resources

    Special Education Resources
    Special Education Resources

    Technology Resources
  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  • US History
    US History EOCTP Support Guide
  • More

    Title I

    Board Policy on Leave/Absences

    Defined Minimum Program Instructional Minutes

    CCSD Science Kit Schedule

    CCSD High School Curriculum Documents

    CCSD Middle School Curriculum Documents

    CCSD Elementary Curriculum Documents

    SCDE TDA Writing Rubric

    Professional Leave Guidance

    CCSD Grade Calculation Policy 2017-18

    Project Based learning

    SREB Rigor Professional Development Resources

    Here are some of the links and resources discussed during the SREB Rigor Training.
    Accountable Talk
    Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs) - Grades 6-12
    Literacy Design Collaborative
    Math Design Collaborative
    My Favorite No - Learning from mistakes (video)

    Health Education

    Professional Learning
    • Professional Learning

      Chester County Schools. A Great Place to Grow. Committed to Excellence for All Students.                 
      Learn – Grow – Share

       The Chester County School District has chosen to implement professional learning by utilizing Edivate (formerly PD360) to inspire our faculty members to improve their practices with meaningful professional learning resources needed to meet each learner’s needs and aligned with district goals and initiatives.

    Contact Information

    Dena Dunlap

    Chief Instructional Officer


    Leslie Jacobs

    Admin Support


    Amanda Kee

    Data Analysis

    Special Projects


    Dr. Wanda Frederick

    Executive Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Education


    Dr. Lee Green

    Executive Director of Secondary Education


    Jeanie Ligon

    Executive Director of Exceptional Children


    Dr. Alisha Green

    District Literacy Coordinator

    Dr. Shemmicca Moore

    Elementary Math Coordinator

    Timothy Bennett

    Secondary Math/STEM Coach


    Sharon Yarbrough

    District Instructional Technology Coordinator

    Dr. Tammy Graham

    District Assessment Coordinator

    Mirela Hanks

    District ESOL Teacher


    Abby Brunson

    Career Development Facilitator - Great Falls & Lewisville

    Shelly Copeland

    Career Development Facilitator - Chester


    Jennifer Rosborough

    Susan Lalli

    District GT Teachers